Packing and Moving Made Easy

Moving into a new home or office space can be taxing and inconvenient. Whether you’re relocating to a place across town or just a street away, you need to devote a lot of time and effort just to get everything done. At The Apartment Specialist, we make moving a happy and stress-free experience for you.

What We Offer

We provide dependable moving and packing services to clients in Chicago, Illinois. Our team handles both local and long-distance moves. Depending on your needs, we have any size trucks (13-26ft) and can organize a moving and packing crew of any size.

Service Rates & Coverage

Our rates start at $75/hr for two movers and a truck on weekdays. For more pricing details, feel free to call or email us today. We pro-rate by half hour, after the 2 hour minimum. And we provide the Illinois mandated insurance coverage.

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